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Saucony shoes on sale

Building upon lessons learned from over 100 years of sports business and footwear creation, Saucony has crafted a reputation of consistently delivering exceptional running shoes.

Saucony Running Shoes Canada

Saucony, pronounced “sock-a-knee”, is a US-born shoe manufacturer from Kutztown, Pennsylvania with over a century of commitment and dedication to the sport of running. They operate according to three guiding principles: good performance, good health and good community.
At The Last Hunt, you get your pick of some of the best models in the Saucony inventory, from iconic classics like the Jazz line to brand new releases. We carry the high-performance Shadow trainer, lightweight Azura, Peregrine trail runners, the Kinvara, Guide, Grid and many more running shoe varieties from the ...Saucony library. See how a company that began more than one hundred years ago is still at the top of its game.

Saucony Clearance at The Last Hunt

Here at The Last Hunt, our goal is to fit you into the best product you can find at the lowest possible prices. Our Saucony clearance stock is both well-rounded and modern, offering a fantastic sample of their products at large. If you’ve ever wanted to step into a Saucony shoe, let The Last Hunt be your guide.
While many sportswear companies have created successful running shoes, running has been central to Saucony’s ethos since its birth. They cater to and support running in every way possible. Aside from stellar footwear offerings, they promote charitable foundations like Run For Good and have mirrored other companies in announcing a commitment to sustainability.
When you shop Saucony at The Last Hunt, not only do you get running shoes at rock-bottom prices, but you also have a chance to align your interests with those of a company out to inspire the world to run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Saucony shoes Canada any good?

Yes. While they might not have the presence of Nike or Adidas, Saucony has been a leader in running shoe innovation, development and support for decades. Over the years, the company has released over 130 models of shoes and is constantly experimenting with new innovations and ideas. They are most known for performance forward and speed-oriented running shoes.

Are Saucony shoes Canada good for feet?

Yes, there are quite a few models of Saucony that can help with foot issues, although seeing a doctor beforehand to analyze any foot issue is always recommended. Saucony models with extra shock absorption foam can help with flat-footed issues, and various models of the Kinvara running shoe can help alleviate the pain caused by some forms of Plantar Fasciitis.

Is Saucony a Canadian company?

No, but their distribution in Canada is wide. Saucony was founded in the US state of Pennsylvania way back in 1898. Since then, they’ve sold shoes around the world and continue to deliver superior running-focused footwear to the masses. At The Last Hunt, you can get this top quality for amazingly low prices.

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