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Herschel backpack

Herschel's retro backpacks and accessories are premier offerings for any fashion-conscious customer focused on evoking cultural nostalgia. See why when you shop The Last Hunt.

Herschel Backpack Sale

Vintage items can sell because fashion is often cyclical; Herschel Supply Co. plays off of this idea. By promoting older-looking items with new flourishes, Herschel Supply Co. products evoke powerful notions of nostalgia, helping make old cool again. Combining stylish aesthetics with practical garments, hipsters have flocked to Herschel, and its global rise is evidence of that.
At the Last Hunt, we have a wide variety of Herschel Supply Co. products at bargain clearance prices. Shop with us and choose from some of the best product lines the company has made. We carry the Little America backpack, Pop Quiz..., Settlement, Heritage and Herschel Nova backpack line as well. The Last Hunt also has Herschel Supply Company’s most popular accessories like the Henderson cap, coach jackets, hip sacks, and beanies.

Herschel Canada at the Last Hunt

Why shop the Herschel Supply Co. at The Last Hunt? Well, the answer's easy. Along with a large inventory, we have the best prices for Herschel Supply Co. that you’re likely to find. The sales are real, the products are top-notch, and the shopping experience is easy. Our goal is to get you stylishly fitted while generating as little hassle as possible. Let us be your Herschel Supply Co. guides.
Practical items don't always need to look bland. Herschel Supply Company’s great blend of useful accessories and classic backpacks evokes a strong sense of consumer confidence and nostalgia. Strong, independent and with an eye toward the aesthetic, Herschel Supply Co. products are perfect for the see-and-be-seen crowd while still providing a great utility option for laptops, binders and coffee shop material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Herschel backpacks so popular?

Herschel Supply Co. understood the backpack landscape they entered. They started by offering a core product that was well made and hard to beat. Then, Herschel Supply Co. embraced its target audience to boost its brand. The company avoided mass marketing to retain a sense of exclusivity and strongly leveraged social media to grow its desirability. Throughout its expansion, Herschel Supply Co. offered consistently good products without changing any of the fundamental qualities of the original offerings that made them attractive as a company to begin with.

Are Herschel bags worth the money?

Herschel Supply Co. has managed to retain its exclusive appeal by focusing on its main target audience. It may not be the top volume producing backpack and accessory company on the market, but it understands its offerings and the people who buy them quite well. Expansive growth has led to a refined retainment strategy that saw them survive the COVID pandemic and emerge into the post-COVID scene, still a force to be reckoned with. If you like style, comfort, and exclusivity all rolled into a vintage looking bag, Herschel is absolutely with the money.

Is Herschel Supply Co. a Canadian brand?

Yes. Herschel Supply Company was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack in 2009. The company got its name from the pioneer town of Herschel, Saskatchewan. Herschel Supply Co. has worldwide distribution but manufactures its products in 15 factories in various locations in China.

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