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Geox Shoes on Sale

Innovation, adaption and a wide range of breathable and waterproof offerings set Geox apart. When you shop with The Last Hunt, you’ll see why

Geox Shoes Canada

Born in Italy in 1995, Geox is a large manufacturer of shoes and clothing. They specialize in breathable and waterproof footwear that's both comfortable and durable. The name Geox comes from the Greek word Geo (earth), and the X symbolizes technology. The company prizes innovation and has a unique R&D department where engineers, chemists and physicists conduct research on perspiration and human-generated movement patterns. Results from these studies get incorporated into Geox footwear designs.
The Last Hunt carries some of the best Geox offerings around and for incredibly low prices. We have many of ...their most popular sneakers, including the T01 and T02, Nexside, Pontoise, Nebula, Tabelya, Suzzie, Vega, Myria and more. We also have Genova Loafers, Hiver Sandals, Aerantis Boots, Borealis Sandals, and Phaolae Ankle boots, amongst others. The Last Hunt carries adult sizes for men and women, as well as shoes and sandals for infants, toddlers and kids.
Revel in the comfort, breathability and durability of Geox shoes at bargain prices when you shop The Last Hunt.

Geox Shoe Sale at The Last Hunt

Not only are the options varied, shopping with the Last Hunt is easy and painless. Our goal is to give you the best big-name brands at hard-to-beat discounted prices. Feel free to peruse our massive selection of Geox footwear.
Geox shoes are available at Geox outlet locations and brick-and-mortar stores, but only The Last Hunt gives you the best deals on their reliable models. Scratch your bargain-hunting itch by shopping with us, where you know you’ll get top quality at bottom barrel pricing
With tough-to-beat prices and an impressive selection of options, a purchase from The Last Hunt is an easy way to shop while maintaining peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about Geox shoes Canada?

Many shoes have perspiration problems, especially in hotter climates. Geox fixes this problem by fitting a specialized insert made of waterproof and breathable materials into the shoe. This patented sweat prevention system is helping alleviate sweaty and stinky feet. On top of the perspiration angle, Geox shoes are also comfortable and durable.

Are Geox shoes Canada good for feet?

Unlike some brands, Geox shoes weren't initially designed with orthopedic concerns in mind. However, the size and spacious designs make it an excellent choice for custom-fit insoles. They are practical and comfortable shoes that may not be the most fashion-forward but fit a desirable niche by helping your feet breathe when you wear them.

Where do Geox shoes come from?

Geox was born in Italy in the mid-1990s. Their current headquarters is in Montebelluna, Italy. Geox is sold worldwide and produces the vast majority of its shoes in east Asia. Manufacturing facilities exist in China, Indonesia and Vietnam. There was a European manufacturing plant in Serbia, but it closed its doors in 2021, likely due to the fallout of the Covid 19 pandemic and changing consumer trends.

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